TV 2.0 Advertising Opportunity
Ultramercial and our developing partners are pleased to offer you our unique ad platform, where viewers will choose to engage and complete a two-way interactive commercial to gain free access to premium VOD and pay-per-view content.
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iPhone and iPod Touch opportunity
Ultramercial is partnering with Jirbo, one of the fastest growing mobile entertainment networks in the world. Jirbo garners OVER 50 MILLION iPhone and iPod Touch monthly ad impressions.
Thanks to this partnership you can have your brand sponsoring free game downloads on iPhone and iPod Touch.
Exclusive benefits offered by Ultramercial:
- 100% user opt-in
- Guarantee engagement - you pay only when users watch the ad
- Value exchange - the advertiser as the provider of free content
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Life After a 30-Second Spot
10 Approaches that are transforming the Internet:
1. Ultramercial is an up-front proposition that allows consumers to access premium content by "paying" with either their time or their money (in this case we'll check the box marked "time"). This endorsement message works so well because it explicitly assigns a monetary value to premium content. It respects consumers by giving them a choice and recognizing that they are savvy enough to understand the value exchange. Excerpting from pg. 124.
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Wi-Fi Access
Premium commercials that grant free Wi-Fi access at premium locations across North America. Ultramercial’s patented ad format is now in 1000s of locations, including airports, hotels and cafes, granting free W-Fi access to affluent business travelers. These viewers provide a minimum of 35-seconds of their undivided attention with your brand to “earn” access to the Internet from their laptop computer, or other Wi-Fi-enabled device, including Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and Sony’s Playstation Portable. We work with the top Wi-Fi providers across the United States and Canada, and in select markets overseas, to create strong reach and frequency within this highly sought-after vertical.
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Solutions for Online Newspapers and Magazines
Ultramercial's ad for content model can bring bold changes to the online newspaper industry. Here are our goals:
- High CPM online ad format as a parity to full-page print ads
- Introduce an online subscription option
- Increase overall page views
- Condition readers to a sustainable online model over time
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Cable 2.0 solution
With our patented interactive technology, we're building the platform that will allow viewers to interact with the commercial thereby "earning" the next segment of their show. Two-way interactivity gives advertisers tremendous opportunity to engage viewers and sell products. We've socially re-engineered the ad model to position advertisers as the direct providers of free programming.
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January, 15 2009
Download Ultramercial production specifications.
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